I'm Akilesh Bapu.

What is life? Ball.

My Work

Project Sixteen

Voice activated car made with custom circuits, PCA, and controls built from scratch.

CS198: Intro to iOS

Co-taught and developed curriculum for Berkeley's iOS Course with over 100 students and 10 teaching assistants!

Berkeley Mobile

Berkeley's #1 App For students made by students #10000Users


Gotham is an Alexa-based tool that maps a novel real-time safety index on the street-level by aggregating OpenData and community feedback. #1855ProjectViews #CESSmartCitiesTop5


Suffering from foot discomfort? Let's find out the reason by measuring the stress you put on your feet! #PennAppsTop10

NBA MVP Prediction

Used pagerank and tons of head to head stats to train an algorithm to predict MVPs with the same accuracy as experts.


Tendonitis Preventing Typing Assistant #HackDFWMostInnovative


Rent anything in your house


Haptic Feedback to Your Foot to Keep You From Being Late to Class


Innovative Personal TimeKeeper


Secure Clientside Payment Gateway that Accepts any Mobile Wallet


Safer Workout Form with your Pebble #FirstHackathonProject